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In the third week of Etec 642, i learned more about social media use in education by designing a lesson for social gaming in an educational setting. The idea of Ayiti came to mind as a powerful social gaming learning tool that would teach students about the importance of developing practical life skills and better understanding the world around them. I learned that Social gaming is such as a powerful tool in educating this young generation about various values and concepts in a concrete way. I liked the fact that many game developers are more focused nowadays on designing effective educational games that effectively engage the students and keep them focused. Social gaming also teaches students keys concepts that they may not learn in typical schools.

This week’s activities helped me develop an understanding of what is like to design a lesson plan based on social gaming at the same time learning how to integrate social media to help students be interactive learners. Developing a lesson plan and searching the internet for key information and examples was a fun experience . Eventhough the wednesday online session provides clarifications, having students examples at hand will help all students have a better understanding of the assignment.

During week 3, I also learned more about twitter as a social networking site by reading chapter 3 of Rheigner’s Netsmart” Twitter literacy part” as well as participating in the facebook discussion board. I totally agree with Rheigner’s statement” Knowing how to blog, tweet, wiki, search, innovate, program, and/or organize online can lead to political, cultural, and economic value”. I have always believed in the power of social media is making a difference in the world and contributing to the betterment of our present and future. However, i never imagined that the social media have the power to politically contribute and influence millions of citizens. For instance, the Arab Spring specifically, the egyptian revolution. The old dictatorship that ruled egytians for over thirty year had realized the power of social media in its collapse. That what explained its decision to shut down internet access specifically facebook social networking site. I also agree with the Rheingold’s Statement about participation, “In the world of digitally networked publics, online participation—if you know how to do it—can translate into real power” and that “Participation, however, is a kind of power that only works if you share it with others”. That power can over throw regimes similarly to what happened in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt..etc..

Here is some of views regarding Netsmart chapter 3 discussion about reasons for liking twitter.
Creating a twitter account was something i was not interested in doing as i viewed twitter as a typical social networking site. Eventhough i was asked to join twitter by many of my friends who have a twitter account,i was extremely hesitant to do so. Part of it is because i viewed twitter as a personalized means of communication that was limited to some extent to following celebrities, gossip, fashion trends, people sharing interest, and random articles.When we were introduced to twitter in the first week of ETEC 642 class, i created an account and started exploring its features. Soon, i realized that twitter has not only become an effective social platform, but also a powerful communication tool.

I would agree with three of Rheingold’s reasons of liking twitter, Variety,Immediacy, and Openness. The fact that twitter offers its users with the ability to follow anyone resonates to me as i think i would learn a lot by following like minded people and intellectual users. The other reason that resonates to me is variety. I like the fact that twitter is diverse and includes political argument, gossip, scientific info, poetry, and scholarly references. The reason that resonates to me the most is Immediacy, one of the most powerful tools of twitter. As mentioned in page 142,”twitter is a rolling present”.I totally agree with Rheingold’s statement about twitter immediacy. Twitter is built and designed to be quick and consistent social platform that provides its users with instant fast paced information, that is; if a user check in once a week, won’t get the hang of it.

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  2. How are you feeling about Twitter now, a couple weeks later? I see that you are just following a couple of people. Have you looked around for the ” Big Dogs” in your fields? Twitter can be really useful with just a little bit of an investment of time. Let me know if you want to chat about it! Aloha!

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